The Evolution of Web Hosting

This comprehensive article delves into the transformative journey of web hosting, tracing its evolution from traditional models to the current landscape of Web3. Commencing with the foundational era of centralized servers and various hosting types like shared, dedicated, and VPS, the narrative progresses to the pivotal emergence of cloud hosting, enabling dynamic scalability and cost efficiency. The Web2 era introduces dynamic content and interactive experiences, with a spotlight on database-driven hosting. The article then navigates into the cutting-edge realm of Web3, emphasizing decentralized hosting and the role of blockchain technology. Notably, the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is highlighted as a key player in this decentralized landscape. Concluding with a call to embrace the future, the article underscores the dynamic nature of the internet and the importance of staying informed in order to foster a more inclusive and user-centric online experience.

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