Top 5 Web Servers Under $2,500 for Self-Hosting Web3 Sites That You Can Buy Now

As a small business owner in the Web3 space, having control over your own web hosting instead of relying on centralized providers is crucial. But buying and setting up your own server can be intimidating. The good news is that with today’s plug-and-play options, self-hosting your dapps and infrastructure is easier than ever.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 of the best web servers under $2,500 you can buy right now on Amazon to start Web3 hosting. We’ll overview the key specs and features of each server, along with real customer reviews so you can make an informed decision. Keep reading to take back control of your hosting!

#5 TrueNAS Mini XL+ Compact ZFS Storage Server with 8 + 1 Drive Bays, 32GB RA, Eight Core CPU, Dual 1/10 Gigabit Network (Diskless)

The TrueNAS Mini XL+ is a powerful and expandable NAS perfect for Web3 hosting. It has ample processing and storage for dapps, and reviewers praise TrueNAS for performance, security, and flexibility. The OS has a learning curve though.

#4 Supermicro SYS-E301-9D-8CN8TP Xeon D-2146NT 8-Core Networking Mini PC, 4X GbE, 2 x 10GBase-T, 2X 10G SFP+, IPMI

This compact Supermicro server is powerful but may need tweaking out of the box. The 8-core CPU and 10GbE networking make it great for decentralized apps if you’re up for some initial troubleshooting.

#3 Supermicro SYS-5019D-4C-FN8TP Xeon D-2133IT Quad Core Front I/O Short Depth 1U Server, 2X SFP+, 2X 10GBase-T, 4X GbE LAN

This compact 1U Supermicro server has a quad-core CPU and impressive networking for decentralized apps. The small form factor makes it easy to incorporate into your rack.

#2 SuperMicro SuperServer 5019D-FN8TP – Rack-Mountable – Xeon D-2146NT – 0 GB

Another powerful 1U Supermicro server perfect for decentralized apps. The 8-core Xeon and custom storage options make this a versatile Web3 hosting pick.

#1 Supermicro SYS-E301-9D-8CN8TP Xeon D-2146NT 8-Core Networking Mini PC, 4X GbE, 2 x 10GBase-T, 2X 10G SFP+, IPMI

Our top pick for Web3 hosting is this Supermicro server. With its 8-core CPU, 10GbE networking, and Mini PC form factor, it has the power and connectivity for decentralized apps.

When choosing a server for Web3, prioritize processor cores, RAM, storage, networking, form factor, and remote management. Many ship diskless, so factor in storage costs. And confirm your ISP allows hosting, as limits are common residential plans.

Self-hosting gives you greater control, customization, performance, and cost-savings as your dapps scale. But it also means taking responsibility for security, maintenance, and backups. For many though, the benefits make it worthwhile. Hopefully this overview helps you pick a server to start Web3 hosting today!